As your managed IT service provider, we focus on giving you peace of mind through our comprehensive solutions.

We aim to assist your business in running more efficiently and securely while adhering to uncompromising levels of service through our trained team.

What We Do

Managed IT Services

Eliminate technology frustrations with outsourced IT


Minimize risk with multiple layers of protection

VoIP Phone Systems

Boost efficiency with reliable and flexible voice communication

Email & Messaging

Increase security and organization with communication solutions

Help Desk

Receive a solution to any technical request you have

Security Awareness Training

Learn about common threats and how to combat them

Structured Cabling

Upgrade to reliable and adaptable infrastructure


Get online with a fast, secure, and dependable connection

Video Surveillance

Monitor any area you want, when you want

Business Continuity Planning

Develop a Disaster Recovery Plan for unexpected situations

Fiber Optic

Future-proof your infrastructure and improve speeds

Mobile Management

Manage and monitor mobile devices on the network

8 Things you can do

to Protect yourself


  • We are transparent

  • We do more than just "fix it"

  • We make a commitment to you

  • We make your network effective and effecient

  • We do not waste your time

  • We follow up

  • We are courteous, glad to teach and help you

  • We are a large group of professionals

  • We do not oversell you. We provide what is needed.


Valerie Sutton
Valerie SuttonBusiness Owner
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"These guys are absolutely the best! I haven't had customer service like this in a super long time!!!! They really do care and quickly respond. In the last month, I have had issues with my new server on two separate occasions. LTC was recommended to me by friend. The first time came to my office within the hour and fixed the problem. My systems were down and I was completely functionless as we are a dental office. We couldn't take xrays, check people out, or even look at patients' charts. When I called LTC, they were in my office within 40 minutes (they didn't know me) and got me running quickly. Dell couldn't help me and it was their issue (New Server installation). The next day, LTC gave me a scope of services quote and how they could help my office and potential hardware issues. Three weeks later, all of a sudden I had another problem. I called LTC because they had recommended some new hardware, I only called to ask them if they recommended me getting a new modem with a router from Cox. They inquired as to what issue I was having. They said they would be right over. Again, within 30 minutes they were at my office and fixed the problem. They have definitely won me over as a customer and I am looking at other services they are offering. Lastly, their fees have been completely fair and reasonable."
Amy Harden
Amy HardenHuman Resources
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"We cannot express enough our appreciation of the team at LTC Technology Systems! They were quick to come to our plant to see what we had and get us on the schedule. The team that was sent out, accepted the challenge of updating a VERY OLD IT closet; and stayed late ensuring that EVERYTHING was working as it should. We are already looking at our next project with LTC!"
David CrossAdministrator
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"We were having major issues with our previous phone provider so we asked LTC to take a look and see what they could do for us. LTC not only installed a much better phone system than what we had but they also cut our phone bill by almost 80%. They trained our people on how to use the new phones and are always quick to respond to any issues we have or features we want to tweak. I’m very happy we made the switch and would highly recommend LTC Technology Systems."
Angelica Quiroz
Angelica QuirozNurse
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"Very patient"
Krystle Peluso
Krystle PelusoNurse
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"Prompt and informative, Thank you for fixing my issues!!"
Anna T.
Anna T.Corporate Director of Human Resources
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"LTC has proven to be a very dedicated company to work with. Their team members are very responsive, patient and always resolves the technical issues that arise."
Kayleigh Saalfield
Kayleigh SaalfieldCorporate Compliance Analyst
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"I have been working with LTC Technology Systems for years. Since we work with health care providers, we needed secure communication to manage risk. They handle our email, secure faxing, backups, and security training. We are able to not only protect ourselves, but our clients as well. The team is very responsive and knowledgeable. They go above and beyond to support us, whether it be remotely or at our office. They are quick to provide solutions and follow-up. I would recommend them to any company, especially those that deal with sensitive information."
Brenda Jenkins
Brenda JenkinsSocial Services Coordinator
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"The service techs are always upbeat, happy to answer any questions and genuinely seem like they enjoy their job."
Jose "JJ" Sierra
Jose "JJ" SierraALF Employee
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"Awesome attitude!"
Louis Taylor
Louis TaylorSNF Employee
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"Excellent customer service by your technician."

Who We Help

Our services will benefit you.

In today’s world, every business needs long-term IT solutions. Oftentimes there is confusion about technology, its operation, and its security. We help businesses, anywhere, with any IT problems with solutions that last.

We supplement any internal IT department.

Many businesses have IT already, but the current team may be overworked. We share the workload or manage specific services for you. 


We are driven by HIPAA and HITECH compliance. We assist Skilled Nursing Facilities,  Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals, Clinics, Dental offices, and more.


In a fast-paced environment, proactive and responsive IT support is crucial for meeting deadlines. For smooth operations and on-time job completion, we offer adaptable and reliable technology solutions with support.

Commercial Business

Our services help businesses focus on priorities. They save time, money, and resources. 


The nature of the legal industry requires protection for sensitive data and communications. Using an MSP can greatly improve your reputation, productivity, and organization.


If you work closely with technology, there's no reason to waste time on IT problems. With us, you will always be covered so you can get back to doing what you do best. 

Your Business

Every organization has unique challenges, but any of them can benefit from outsourced IT. When you begin to work with us, we evaluate the state of your current IT in order to develop the best solution.

Ready to work together?

We’re passionate about business efficiencies and protecting their assets. Let us help you continue doing what you do best.