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Benefits Of internet services

Outages are random, inconvenient, and inefficient. Our goal is to restore your service as quickly as possible, increasing your overall productivity.

We also offer managed fiber internet to our local customers in Ocala, Florida and surrounding areas.* Fiber internet uses fiber cables that produce fast signals. They are able to handle multiple signals at once – making fiber quicker than DSL or cable. Our union with major upstream partners has a 99.9% reliability rate with continuous support. 

Getting back online as quick as possible greatly increases your overall productivity and success. With us to reduce your downtime, you can reduce the stress and worry associated with internet outages or poor connectivity. If you are an internet customer, you will enjoy the ease of use and peace of mind with a fast, dependable connection and ongoing support.

*Subject to availability 

Increased Efficiency

Working with slow or nonexistent internet makes it nearly impossible to achieve your regular productivity. Waiting for anything just wastes time that you and your peers could be using. 


A quick internet connection will provide you with all the time you need to work efficiently.

Better Reliability

Your internet may not always be reliable, but we are. Contacting us as soon as your experience internet issues will help us resolve them as soon as possible.


If we are your ISP, you will have peace of mind knowing you have stability and speed.

Higher Productivity

When you and your staff have more time to get more things done, you will be able to increase sales or boost customer interactions. Employees will be paid for doing work, instead of waiting around for pages to load or files to download. 

Stronger Security

When choosing us for internet services, your fiber-optic network will not only be fast and reliable, but also protected. Monitoring communications on a fiber network is much more difficult. 

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What do we offer?

Unfortunately, many businesses do not have a variety of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to choose from, leaving them with slow, inconsistent connections that can be costly. Even businesses with good internet experience outages that can hurt their productivity.

We work with several ISPs that have a number of solutions and services to get you back up with as little downtime as possible. For those that are looking for a better connection, we offer fiber internet through our existing ISP partnerships.

Why us?

Our managed Internet services focus on speed, reliability, and quality. We care about your success, so we want to secure your Internet connection by being your ISP or assisting your current one. 

You will always have our support and knowledge, helping you reduce downtime and improve your efficiency.