Email & Messaging Solutions

benefits of our solutions

Email is one of the most vulnerable areas when it comes to security. The risk of inbound and outbound traffic negatively affecting your organization significantly rises without a supplementary layer of protection.

We have a comprehensive mesh of safety and user-friendliness that you and your organization will enormously value.

Increased Security

Many email platforms may not have sufficient security on their own. However, they do keep you and your connections linked.


We offer a solution to increase the native security in whatever product you choose. This includes:


  • Content analysis
  • Spam and malware protection
  • Newsletter classifications
  • Email archival
  • Identity-based encryption
  • And much more

You will enjoy fewer undesirable emails and dangers during your workflow, increasing security of you, your company, and your customers.


Compliance requirements in your industry can be met with our email solutions. We can establish compliant policies and implementing preventive measures to stop data leaks, plus support for email archival and identity-based encryption. 

Reliable Connectivity

Since Microsoft 365® and Zimbra® both offer their platform on multiple devices and operating systems, accessing your email from anywhere has never been easier.


These large companies have reliable servers that you can depend on. If they happen to go down, it’s not for long. 


Whatever you choose, your email product will stay with you as you grow long-term. Expansion is simple with our security solution, too.

Secure your communications

What do we offer?

We offer Microsoft 365® or Zimbra®, which have similar apps and interfaces. These platforms are user-friendly and collaborate with other applications to help keep you connected. 

Plus, they both have cloud storage which we use for backups, supporting your business continuity plan.

While our Security Awareness Training program can assist you with phishing recognition, other threats can still turn up in your inbox. We offer a long-term, comprehensive email solution that focuses on security – safeguarding you and your organization from malware and other unwanted emails, such as:

  • Phishing
  • Spam
  • Ransomware
  • Viruses
  • Business email compromise and spoofing
  • Other attacks and suspicious files

This email supplement software monitors current trends in the cyber threat landscape and establishes multiple lines of defense to offer the best protection for you.

Why LTC?

After the initial setup, you will have proactive support and a company that is committed to you. We value your success and security, so we will be here when you need us.

We offer the most practical and budget-friendly email & messaging solutions with a top-notch security solution. Moreover, we continuously look for improvements and products to make you more efficient. Learn more here.